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Our office in the UAE, RAK

Amenity Tower 2, Floor 2, Office 2C. 

Makani: 77388 40246 (www.makani.ae)

Opposite of Al Hamra Mall and next to the RAK Investment Authority. 




MGRS: 40RCP7744140184

Parking in front of the entrance is free and spacious. 


  • with Smart app, search for “RAK Directorate Civil Defense Centers”
  • with Google Maps, search for “RAK, Amenity Business Tower 2

Good news for you! If you visit our office on Friday morning, you can drive to the Cove in about 15 minutes from our office, and you can enjoy your Friday brunch over there. Even better, you will get 25% discount on the total bill on the Friday brunch on the Cove Rotana in restaurant Basilico or Cinnamon with the code we will present you with at our office in RAK. 

Our offices are in this stand alone building

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